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Hello Friends and Newcomers,

Just wanted to check in and let you all know that I DO in fact still have a thriving photography business, but alas, I don’t get around to posting on my blog much anymore. Can you tell? Oops.

I have a very good reason…and those reasons names are Lily and Natalie. They are the impetus behind all the good things I do and I have embarked on a huge endeavor on their behalf. I am the Director of their school, Great Oak School, a Waldorf school (the only one of its kind in our area!). It is a homegrown, grassroots school that is beautiful, amazing and oh so perfect for our family. So I have to devote most of my free time a LOT of attention to help keep it going through website upkeep, enrollment, its Facebook page, marketing, supporting the teachers and parents, and my physical presence at the school. If this little school doesn’t succeed I will need to uproot and MOVE because I love this philosophy of education so much. Ya know your kid could come, too. Check it out! It’s been a life changing find in our lives and something I am called to do.

However, I absolutely still love photography, take clients, and am invigorated through each and every session that, gratefully, comes my way. Keep ‘em coming! I post slideshows of my recent sessions on Facebook. I feel that if you read through this blog you’ll get a good feel for my photography, for me, and know if I am right for you!

Call me, won’t you? I think your life is BEAUTIFUL and I’ll prove it with my camera. xoxoxox


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Farrell and her Family. Oh my.

Keegan and Angus and Baby Finnegan (in utero)…thank you all.

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Chandler is a beautiful, confident, perfectly perfect senior from Amarillo. The stars aligned so that I had the honor of photographing this special time in her life. Behold:

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Local children, family and couples photographer Sara Moon is hosting a “Taking Fantastic Pictures of Your Loved Ones” Photography Workshop on November 6th, 2010. Use the skills from this workshop to take your own family’s photographs for your holiday cards this year!

You should own at least an entry level DSLR camera, not a point and shoot. You should be shooting mostly on Auto mode and looking to expand your knowledge of how, when, where, and why to click that shutter. You should be looking for consistency and a little know how.

Topics to be covered:

Knowing your Camera (and the dreaded Manual!)

Using those symbols! Better yet, getting off of Auto mode!

 The Holy Trinity of Photography (Shutter, Aperture, ISO)

What makes a good picture, anyway? (the clothing, the surroundings, the “props”)

Composition 101

Lighting 101 (Turn OFF that flash for goodness sake!)

Resources for your Photography needs (What to buy, what NOT to buy, where to learn more, etc.) 

 What will NOT be covered: Editing (I have another class for that! It’s a BIG can of worms, trust me) and Starting a Photography Business

Date: Saturday, November 6, 2010 Location: The Woodlands/Magnolia area (still securing location)

Time:  9a.m. – 2 p.m.

Provided: Drinks and snacks   

What to bring: Your camera (charge the battery and bring memory cards!), your camera manual, paper, pens, a laptop (optional)

 Cost: $150 per person

Email me at to secure your spot. $50 non-refundable deposit required to hold your spot.


Great Holiday Gifts (for you or a loved one!) 

One-on-One Advanced Photography Mentorships

 Advanced Shooting:  $400 (4 hours)

Where to find the best light

Using reflectors (natural and/or professional)

Styling your scene

Guiding your subject, not posing them

My favorite things to do while shooting (a whole hodge podge of tips)

Portfolio Review (I’ll look over your work and give gentle critique and profuse oohing and ahhhing.)

Your questions answered

Photoshop Tips and Techniques Add-On Class: $400 (4-5 hours)

The basics: Getting around Photoshop

Curves and Levels

Sharpening for Web, Sharpening for Print (and defogging, too!)

Correcting over and under exposed photos

 Color Pop,  Beautiful Black and Whites

Skin Beautification

Your questions answered

Email me to set up your mentorship!

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Sweet little twinkies. They had their Mama on bed rest for 8 months. Can you imagine? Seema handled it with grace and patience. Aren’t they worth every second of that waiting? Yes, indeed.

Seema's babes 009-Edit



_MG_2035-Edit copy

_MG_2032-Edit copybw










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And then we went outside…and more magic!

mccoy 1117

mccoy 1110

mccoy 1032

mccoy 1021bw

mccoy 1003v2

mccoy 870v2

mccoy 800

mccoy 782

mccoy 765

mccoy 745

mccoy 733

mccoy 706

mccoy 678

mccoy 648bw

mccoy 514

mccoy 466


mccoy 386

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Oh, the McCoys. Quite possibly the happiest, most fun, most photogenic family on the planet. I asked them to adopt me. Enjoy Part I…because there are more coming!

mccoy 007

mccoy 018

mccoy 040bw

mccoy 065bw

mccoy 100v2

mccoy 110

mccoy 130bw

mccoy 144

mccoy 153

mccoy 202

mccoy 213

mccoy 231

mccoy 282

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Hello Friends,

Meet the Bryan Family. I went to high school with Dad, and it was a sheer delight to be contacted via Facebook to photograph his beautiful family of 3 boys and his lovely wife, Brandi. Each boy was so different and unique in their own special way. Each more adorable than the next. Being around all these boys made me want one of my own! And check out their big ol’ dog! He’s like the dog from the children’s books Henry and Mudge. The whole session was a blast. I hope we can do it again next year!


smores 852

smores 837v1bw

smores 825

smores 785bw


smores 740

smores 666


smores 631

smores 628

smores 590

smores 522

smores 502

smores 381

smores 341

smores 319

smores 300bw

smores 204

smores 117

smores 110

collage 4

collage 1 copy

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